When I took over NSP in June of 2016, it wasn’t about fame and fortune. Yes, those things would be amazing, but to me, it was about making sure books with much-needed representation got out into the world. I wanted to honor the kid I once was, to give people like me books that feature characters they can truly relate to. One of the most validating things for me was to see a genderfluid or asexual character in a book. To have them be more than a side character that got no real page time.

Over the last three years, we have put out hundreds of books with a full range of LGBTQIA+ characters and across all genres, written by a diverse group of authors. We haven’t been perfect. There have been slip-ups, but we have learned from each one. And we continue to strive for diversity and inclusivity in everything we do and in the books we release. We are committed to bringing you more #ownvoices books in 2020.

Our community has gone through some really rough years, especially the last two, but we have also shown that we will stand up to whatever comes at us. We are important. And we are fighters.

This year, we will be celebrating our authors, readers, and staff with a new theme each month. We will honor the LGBTQIA+ holidays and days of importance, introduce you to our authors and staff, and share our books with you. NSP feels it’s our duty to not only get the much-needed books out there and promote them, but we should also be devoting time to spreading love on the days/weeks most important to our community.

We would love to have you celebrate New Beginnings with us.

A Sneak Peek at the Themes

January – New Beginnings ( second chances, starting over, new careers, resolutions)
February—Love (romance, friends to lovers, anti-bullying)
March—War (actual war, at war with one’s self, family drama, enemies to lovers)
April—Alternate Universe(urban fantasy, fantasy, alternative history)
May—Healing (hurt/comfort, mental/physical illness, self-care)
June—Pride (Pride parades, coming out, celebration of all things LGBTQIA+)
July—Science (science fiction, scientists, new discoveries)
August—Family (family drama, types of families)
September—Nine (NineStar Month—This is Staff Pick month, all posts will be from the NSP editors)
October—Horror (I think this explains itself)
November—History (historical books, LGBTQ history, personal histories)
December—Holidays (Again, explains itself)

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