The Immutable Moon, Book 1

According to pretty much everyone, Lavario sucks at being a werewolf. He’d rather go shopping than run around in the forest eating campers. Besides, he loves people. That’s exactly what got him exiled from the Isangelous pack and will most likely get him killed.

Now dwelling amongst the Varcolac, a wolf pack that detests humans almost as much as he loves them, Lavario lives at the mercy of his daughter Kijo, who has continually refused to challenge him despite mounting pressure.

Together, they have enough power to stop the scheming Mazgan from seizing control of the bloodservant trade and killing off humanity. But Kijo’s association with her father has eroded the good will of her packmates. They have begun to see his faults in her as well. They believe she, like her father, wants to coddle humanity rather than conquer them.

Mazgan seizes on this opportunity and plans one last embarrassment for Lavario: the abduction of his bloodservant Tovin. This will prove, once and for all, that Lavario thinks far too highly of his pets.

An explosive confrontation between Mazgan, Lavario, and Kijo looms. The outcome will decide the fate of humanity and the future of the Varcolac and Isangelous.

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