Ed Perez wants the simple things in life: a mass of riches through any means possible, a new and mysterious mistress, and unquestioning adoration from the mainstream media. Since he’s the new U.S. president, that shouldn’t be a big thing to ask for…

Or, it wouldn’t be if people stopped getting in the way of his ruthless schemes. A wronged head of security; a beautiful Brazilian woman hiding a tragic secret; and a rich CEO pulling Ed’s strings behind the scenes are the least of his worries.

He’s also got to worry about his brain-dead trophy wife; a slightly unhinged and thoroughly eccentric dictator; and his gay son, Diego, whose environmental activism won’t allow him to stand by and watch his father profit from the decimation of the earth—even though it means Diego’s putting his own life and the life of the people he loves most in danger.

Centered around a colorful and diverse group of characters, Jon McDonald’s The Seed is a tangled tale of politics, greed, murder and the struggle for power.

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