by Scarlet Blackwell


On Christmas Eve, Dorian wanders the streets looking for a companion with whom to spend the evening. He happens upon Benedict, a rent boy who solicits him. They spend an evening filled with delights of the flesh, but the conversation afterward takes them to an unexpected place.

Two lonely people from different classes find more than a night of passion over a holiday.

Book Info

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Release Date: December 14, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-911153-09-2

Format: ePub, Mobi, PDF

Cover Artist: Aria Tan

Category: Romance

Genre: Historical

Theme: Seasonal

Word Count: 8900*

Pages: 34

Sex Content: Explicit

Pairing: MM

Orientation: Gay

Identity: Cisgender



Scarlet Blackwell © 2015
All rights reserved

Dorian found him standing in a doorway, sheltering from a flurry of sleet. Or rather, the Mary-Ann found him by stepping under the circle of a gaslight as Dorian walked by.

“Hello, good sir. Are you looking for some company this evening?”

The man, in his early twenties and golden haired, had eyes that burned like emeralds. Fine of figure and wearing a scarlet waistcoat and a black velvet suit, he carried a silver-headed cane, no doubt for protection.

It was nearly midnight on Christmas Eve, the wrong time to be alone. Dorian nodded curtly. The man smiled, his teeth pearly, and Dorian’s cock thickened with anticipation when he realised how startlingly attractive the man was.

The man edged closer, placing the palm of his hand, small and delicate for one of his height and build, against Dorian’s chest. “Do you have rooms anywhere, sir?”

Dorian debated. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. He’d only thought of taking down the drawers of a male whore and burying himself, achieving ecstasy for a short while and feeling less alone. He’d expected to do it furtively up against the wall in a dirty alleyway, but this man was so pretty he demanded more. He demanded Dorian’s silk sheets caressing his creamy skin. Did Dorian dare? What about his staff or his neighbours? He looked down into the green glowing eyes and thought, To hell with everyone. No one deserved to be alone at Christmas, not even a man with a past like Dorian’s. He ached for human contact.

“Come with me,” he said and walked away, glancing behind him to make sure the man followed.

His choice of companion didn’t. He stood stubbornly in place. “I require some evidence of your financial means, sir.”

Dorian smiled. He took a gold piece from his waistcoat pocket. “Is this evidence enough?”

The man took the coin, bit delicately on one edge and pocketed it. “It’s a start.”

“If you please me, boy, you can have double that.”

The gay boy pursed his lips. “I’m not a boy; I’m a man.”

Dorian stepped closer. “Why don’t you show me then?”

His companion for the evening glanced around. Then he thrust a hand into Dorian’s groin, rubbing the bulge he found there. “I’ll show you all right.”

Dorian gulped at his boldness and stepped back. The Mary-Ann sauntered on ahead. “Hurry, then, before I take this gold coin to the nearest public house and buy myself some Christmas cheer.”


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