Nate and the New Yorker

by Kevin Klehr


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Nate once had the love of his life, but he’s met Cameron, a New York millionaire with an eccentric cross-dressing butler.

Cameron is keen to share his world of classy restaurants, Broadway shows, and fabulous parties, and while Nate’s friends see the makings of a fantasy romance, it’s Nate who has to learn how to open his heart again.

But is Cameron simply second best?

Book Info

Author: Kevin Klehr

Series: Nate and Cameron

Release Date: May 1, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-945952-99-9

Format: ePub, Mobi, PDF

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Category: Romance

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 23300*

Pages: 85

Sex Content: N/A

Pairing: MM

Orientation: Gay

Identity: Cisgender



Nate and the New Yorker
Kevin Klehr © 2017
All Rights Reserved




Both Cameron and I had Hawaiian shirts to wear, while Rowena sported a tie-dyed sarong and an afro wig. And around us, interesting guests wore chic little skirts, James Dean–style jackets, hippie gear, and mod wear.

“You haven’t introduced me yet,” said a middle-aged woman to Cameron. Her rust-colored coat had a masculine cut. Yet she elegantly held a long-stemmed cigarette holder with something that smelled very much like a joint burning on the end.

“Sorry,” said my charming American. “This is my friend, Nathan. And this well-dressed lady is my aunt Beverley.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

She took my hand and kissed it. “I hope you don’t think me too forward; it’s just that you’ve got such fascinating features.”

“My aunt likes to flirt.”

“It runs in the family,” she replied. She gave me a measured wink. “Now, nephew, where have you been hiding this handsome Englishman?”

“I’m Australian.”

“It’s your accent. I never can tell the difference.”

“I need you!” yelled a girl in a flower necklace. She was the drummer of the band and was addressing our host.

“It’s time,” Cameron said.

“Time for what?” I asked.

He kissed me on the cheek and then headed for the microphone stand.

“You’re in for a treat,” whispered Aunt Beverley, her voice raspy from years of smoking.

“He sings?” I asked.

“He sings,” she replied.

A laid-back strum of the bass guitar started the song, followed by a drum beat. Then the vocal. And before I knew it, I was being serenaded in front of a room full of acquaintances. But, wow! What a unique experience.

“I’ve never seen him go out on a limb for someone like this before,” said his aunt.

I smiled politely, then closed my eyes. He was crooning. His honey voice made my soul rise out of my body and search for a dream. And in the hip nightclub that appeared in my mind, he wore a gray suit with a crimson tie, standing tall in front of the trumpet section who were waiting for their cue. And I was the only one in the club.

“Where are you?” asked Aunt Beverley in a low tone.

I wanted to say I was in love but stopped myself. I realized it was rude to have my eyes closed during Cam’s song. I opened them. He had me in his sights. I wanted to jump into the waves on his Hawaiian shirt and end up on a deserted island with just him and me.

“Would you like a toke of my cigarette, Nathan?”

“No, thank you. I think the fumes have already hit me.”

2 reviews for Nate and the New Yorker

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elaine White

    Book – Nate and the New Yorker
    Author – Kevin Klehr
    Star rating – ★★★★★
    No. of Pages – 87

    Cover – Very nice!
    POV – 1st person, past tense
    Would I read it again – Yes!

    Genre – LGBT, Cross-dressing, Contemporary, a sprinkle of paranormal


    Blind-sighted. That’s the only way I can explain what just happened to me. I mean…holy cow!

    First off, let me just say that I’m writing this immediately after completing the book and I’m still a little speechless. This story began in such a fun, lighthearted manner that I really expected some cute little rom-com story. What I got was a sucker punch to the gut halfway through, that left me in tears and wondering if I’d ever be able to stop thinking about this story.

    I loved Nate, as a main character. I loved being in his head, with his feisty nature and his need for independence. I wasn’t sure about Elliot at first, but then I grew to love him so much that he may just have stolen the show for me. I mean, his scenes with Nate frequently left me in tears.
    I liked the minor characters, Ben and ??, Roger, Rowena and Cameron’s aunt.
    However, as a love interest, it took some time to warm up to Cameron. He just wasn’t what I’d expected, though I do love the way that his relationship with Nate progressed. It was far from perfect, with a lot of unsure moments which then slowly grew and grew naturally. There was no insta-love here, just two guys taking a chance with each other, to see how it panned out.
    For me, Cameron came off supremely clingy, strangely possessive and a little dismissive of Nate’s feelings in the beginning. I’m pretty sure that’s how he was supposed to come off (I think!), so that we’d see he was this spoiled little rich boy, expecting everything his own way. What I really loved was the way Nate fought back. Every time I got indignant about what Cameron was saying or implying, Nate stood up for himself and tried to broaden Cameron’s mind. That was fantastic.

    Personally, the most powerful moment was symbolised with my favourite quote, shown below. It was the pinnacle moment of the story, where everything fell into place and Nate finally made sense as a person and as a character.

    Overall, a surprisingly touching rom-com, with enough giggles to get you through, until the tears take over. Great writing, great plot and some fantastic characters. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like.


    Favourite Quote

    ““For not being Elliot.””

    And, no, I won’t explain what it means. Go buy yourself a copy! Find out for yourself.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    OJ Cast

    Nate and The New Yorker

    Did a book ever call out to you because of the blurb and then you pick it up and it turns out way different in a strikingly good way? Well, this is what happened to me with Nate and The New Yorker. Talk about an awesome experience!

    I read the blurb and I thought: cute, it’ll make some nice, easy summer reading. Well, let me tell you! At first I felt it was kind of slow and then quickly the story kicks into high gear and I literally couldn’t put it down. The twists and turns, the rich characters, the rich food, and the surprise about the surprising ex! Yeah, you really need to read this one. I’ve found a new author to follow.



    Handsome Nathan, who still pines for his ex that he misses dearly, is the down to earth realist and self-sufficient man that captures Cameron’s fancy while on a vacation in Europe with his friends, Lucy and Ben. Nathan has never been able to let go and move beyond Elliot, his ex, who he still sees and talks to. Or does he? As he becomes more and more enamored of Cameron we find the real story within the story.


    The culprit stood at the entrance of the restaurant. Shortly cropped dark hair. Rosy lips that curved as if a sculptor had created them by smoothing their surface with the tip of his finger. His stylishly knitted red sweater hung loosely, making his upper body a mystery. And thick black-rimmed glasses that had me picturing him on my couch, reading quietly before I’d slowly pull them off his face, exposing my own superhero.


    The story of Cameron and Nathan captivated me. Cameron is the rich scion of a well to do family, never having to work a day in his life, with a sumptuous apartment in Manhattan when he decides to run away for a while and escape to Prague where he meets the handsome Aussie, Nathan, on vacation with his friends Lucy, his boss, and Ben, his co-worker.

    As Cameron and Nathan get closer and closer Nathan’s ex, Elliot, pops back into his life. Or does he? Here’s where the story took on the turn I didn’t expect and floored me. The rich backdrop of the secondary characters of Lucy and Ben, and Cameron’s aunt Bev and his butler’s alter ego of Rowena the transvestite, make for a book I fell in love with. I couldn’t put it down. Yes, it was summer reading all right – but was it ever excellent reading! I really recommend this one.


    The writing is what really got to me. This starts out nice and slow, like a good orchestral piece and you’re thinking “nice” and then the other instruments start to chime in, each one at its exact moment in queue, until I was surrounded by full crescendo of such rich characters, each one developed exactly right for the story, not overdone or lacking in any sense. Crazy Rowena and wild Bev, dedicated Lucy and Ben, and estranged Graham and Tony.

    If you’ll notice I haven’t delved into Elliot much, and there’s a reason for that. I’ll leave Elliot for you to explore and to come to your own conclusions. Share them with me, if you will.

    This book made me laugh, made me think, and it made me cry with its bittersweet tang, but most of all it really rocks!

    Take a bow, Mr. Klehr.


    I would like to thank Kevin Klehr with providing OJ He Say! with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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