Happy Christmas, Sir

by Elizabeth Coldwell


What do you get the Dom who has everything? Jason solves the problem by treating his master, Adrian, to a night in The Hideaway–a boutique guesthouse offering ‘bed, breakfast and bondage’. In The Hideaway’s en suite dungeon, they play out a fantasy in which ‘Santa’ Adrian decides whether Jason has been naughty or nice, and punishes him accordingly, making it a Christmas Eve neither of them will forget.

Book Info

Author: Elizabeth Coldwell

Release Date: November 20, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-911153-06-1

Format: ePub, Mobi, PDF

Cover Artist: Aria Tan

Category: Erotica

Genre: Contemporary

Theme: BDSM, Seasonal

Word Count: 7000*

Pages: 23

Sex Content: Explicit

Pairing: MM

Orientation: Gay

Identity: Cisgender



Happy Christmas, Sir
©Copyright Elizabeth Coldwell 2015
All rights reserved.

“So, where exactly are you taking me?” Adrian asked.

Jason kept his eyes on the oncoming traffic as he waited to make a right turn. The snow had begun to fall while they were still on the motorway, and he’d had visions of the quieter country roads becoming impassable, forcing them to turn back. But they’d chosen to take Adrian’s Jeep, designed for the roughest terrain, and had reached the outskirts of the little village where The Hideaway was located without incident.

“I’ve told you,” he replied. “It’s a surprise.” He knew Adrian hated not being in control of the situation, and part of him hoped that keeping his master in the dark about their destination would earn him a suitable punishment. “But we’re almost there now.”

Snowflakes pattered at the windscreen. Jason turned the Jeep into a quiet lane, lined with high hedgerows on both sides. “After two hundred yards, turn left,” the mechanical voice of the satnav instructed him. Peering into the blizzard ahead, he slowed almost to a halt, searching for the turning. At last, he saw a wooden signpost with the words “THE HIDEAWAY” carved into it.

“Here we go,” Jason said. Beside him, Adrian radiated impatience, obviously keen to leave the vehicle so he could stretch his long legs.

“You have reached your destination,” the satnav confirmed.

From the outside, The Hideaway appeared unremarkable. Two storeys high, with white-painted walls and a thatched roof already heavy with snow. A light burned over the front door, its yellow glow welcoming in the evening gloom.

They took a moment to slip into their coats, even though they were parked right by the house. While Adrian went to fetch their overnight bags from the back of the Jeep, Jason rang the doorbell.

The man who opened the door a couple of moments later looked like any number of guys who hung out on the fetish scene—sturdily built, with greying hair shaved very close to the scalp and a thick silver tube in his left ear. A tribal tattoo, just visible beneath the rolled-up sleeve of his shirt, decorated his right forearm.

Dom or sub? I’m guessing the latter.

“Hi, good evening.” The man smiled at him. “You found the place okay, then?”

“Yeah, no problems. I’m Jason.” He gestured to Adrian, who was walking towards the door with a holdall in each hand. Normally, Jason was expected to carry the luggage, and for a moment he revelled in this reversal of their usual roles. “And this is Adrian.”

“I’m Si. Nice to meet you both. But this isn’t a night for hanging around on the doorstep. Come inside.” He ushered them into the hallway.

As Si led them through to the kitchen, Jason picked up on a couple of clues that this wasn’t the average bed and breakfast establishment. They were subtle enough that they could be ignored by those not into the BDSM lifestyle, or written off as quirks of the owner’s taste, but they were there. A little teddy bear, dressed in an outfit of leather straps held together by silver rings, sat on a windowsill in the hallway. A charcoal drawing of a naked, kneeling woman with her hands tied behind her back hung on the wall. Jason recognised it as the work of a well-known London fetish artist, and he was pretty sure Adrian had, too.


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