by Jordan Taylor


On a blustery November day in London, Gavin catches a bus from Waterloo Station to his office. He makes this journey five days a week, year after year, alone. Or so he thinks.

He does not know that his guardian angel accompanies him each day of his life, watching over him—loving him as all guardians must. His guardian’s feelings, however, fall into baser depths. As all guardians know, it is taboo to feel carnal love for a human ward. Such a relationship would not be viable—or healthy. Gavin’s guardian knows this. Lives and breathes this. And yet, to lift Gavin from depression, he is willing to attempt the impossible: to manifest as a human for Gavin and finally meet the love of his immortal life face-to-face.

Book Info

Author: Jordan Taylor

Release Date: March 7, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-911153-14-6

Format: ePub, Mobi, PDF

Cover Artist: Aria Tan

Category: Romance

Genre: Paranormal

Word Count: 12200*

Pages: 40

Sex Content: Explicit

Pairing: MM

Orientation: Gay

Identity: Cisgender



Jordan Taylor © 2016
All rights reserved


Gavin sits still on the couch at home, seeing nothing, thinking of Thomas. I sit beside him, arms around him, pressing my face into his neck, kissing him, saying that I love him.

Gavin shivers, stands. He walks into the kitchen.

I lean on the kitchen doorframe, watching him open one cabinet, then another, then the refrigerator.

“What can I do to help you?” I ask. “I would do anything for you, Gavin. Anything. How can I take this pain away?”

He returns to the sitting room to gaze out the front window.

My last two humans talked to themselves. Gavin never says a word unless absolutely necessary. I wish he had someone to talk to, even a dog or cat. I long to hear his voice as much as to see him smile.

His mind still feels thick and heavy with fatigue. He drops back on the couch and soon is lying down.

I sit beside him, stroking his hair, absorbing as much despair into my own soul as I can, like the headache. But it’s not enough. Never enough.

“Help me,” I whisper. “I need help.”

I feel the others at once: warm light lifting the ash-black heaviness that sucks us down. My own ability to think lucidly returns.

“I need to be real for him. I can help him.”


“This story has a beautiful turn of phrase, is easy to read and is well written. It gave me hope, broke my heart then gave me hope again.” ~Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews


“This was so beautifully written, I wish I was a writer so I could say what was so wonderful about this writing. This is a story about unconditional love. Not the normal romance-story type love. But selfless, self-sacrificing, forever love.” ~Boy Meets Boy Reviews