Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out

by Joe Cosentino


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Cozzi Cove Book 3

It’s time for another summer of sun, sand, suntan lotion, sandals, and Speedos on Cozzi Cove at the New Jersey Shore. Cal Cozzi’s seven bungalows are once again open for love.

This summer, sexy Cal welcomes back his brother and sister, who are confronted with people from their pasts. Connor, the maid packed with muscle and mayhem, becomes the subject of a handsome young psychologist’s study on human sexuality. Tommy, the strapping, bald and tattooed local bartender, is captivated with guest Cory Magnum, a police officer with a secret. Another guest, Bill, a disbelieving pastor, is inspired by a vision of two sexy male angels on the cove. And Cal and Michael reach a plateau in their relationship.

What secrets, humor, tragedies, mysteries, and passions lie waiting to unfold in this magical place called Cozzi Cove?

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Book Info

Author: Joe Cosentino

Series: Cozzi Cove

Release Date: January 23, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-945952-50-0

Format: ePub, Mobi, PDF

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Category: Romance

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 62600*

Pages: 130

Sex Content: Explicit

Pairing: MM

Orientation: Gay

Identity: Cisgender

Warning: Depiction of past sexual assault of two characters.



Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out
Joe Cosentino © 2017
All Rights Reserved


A soaring golden orb turned the violet, pink, and tangerine sky into a canvas of blue. Early morning was Cal Cozzi’s favorite time. Treading water in the cove that had boasted his family name for generations, Cal felt as if his blood was the bay water, his flesh was the sand, and his soul was the sun. And Michael Rodgers was his heart. Michael swam over to him and wrapped his stocky arms around Cal’s neck. Cal cupped Michael’s firm bottom and squeezed him in closer. As Michael caressed Cal’s muscled back, they shared a salty wet kiss. Cal looked up at a seagull gliding to the lighthouse in the distance. He pondered having the freedom to fly away from Cozzi Cove, but there was no place he’d rather be than in the confines of his legacy with the man he loved.

Cal’s great-grandfather, Calvin Cozzi I, had built everything in the sleepy town on the New Jersey shore, including the eight bungalows on the cove. This beautiful spot was the result of sun and salt water wearing away softer rocks more quickly than the harder rocks surrounding them.

Cal’s legacy was passed down to him from his great-grandfather through his grandfather, Calvin Cozzi II, and finally by his father, Calvin Cozzi III. Cal’s father, sensing his son’s sexual orientation as a boy, had opened Cozzi Cove as a gay resort.

Though Cal had dabbled briefly as a professional football player, and then as a restaurant owner, neither was a good fit. It wasn’t until after the unfortunate death of his parents in an automobile accident that he found his true calling: managing Cozzi Cove. The previous summer, Cal had been united with his half-brother, George, an architect, and the two of them had recently completed renovations on the bungalows, expanding them to add modern amenities while maintaining their grandfather’s nautical theme.

The tip of his head only reached Cal’s chin, so Michael had to stretch up to kiss his nose. Cal’s Italian and Scottish heritage had given him height, auburn hair, emerald-green eyes, an olive complexion, a strapping build, and a wide nose, which, as noted, Michael liked to kiss. “Should we be skinny-dipping at the start of a new summer season?”

“Probably not.” Cal ran a strong hand through Michael’s chestnut hair and gazed into his exotic eyes.

“What if a guest comes early?”

“He can get his own boyfriend.” Cal pressed his tongue inside Michael’s welcoming mouth. It felt warm, and Cal wanted more. As Michael stroked Cal’s broad shoulders and round pectoral muscles, prominent from working out at Cozzi’s gym, Cal pressed his nose against Michael’s thick neck and enjoyed the scent of vanilla. Michael’s African-American and Swedish heritage awarded him smooth golden skin that Cal loved to caress. Cal thought about the eleven-year difference in their ages, how they had met when Michael, still in the closet, tried to gay bash him in an alley, and the year Michael still had left to finish college. It was illogical and improbable for Cal and Michael to be together, yet it felt incredibly right. At that moment, he couldn’t be more in love with Michael.

George Valis, wearing a violet polo shirt and white shorts that accentuated his muscular legs, stepped out of Bungalow Seven and met them at the cove. “Hey, my ex back in Maine dumped me, remember? Stop rubbing in your happiness, you two.”

“Have breakfast with us.” Michael’s dimples appeared. “Cal is making a feast.”

“And Michael is cleaning up after me.”

“As usual.” George winked at Michael.

They got out of the water and put on the terrycloth robes they’d left on a rock at the water’s edge. Cal smiled at the sight of his brother’s height and eye color, which was exactly the same as his own. Cal and George shared the same father, with George being the result of Cal Cozzi II’s infidelity. They had met for the first time last summer when George looked Cal up, and Cal couldn’t have been happier to have a brother like George. He mussed George’s dark hair affectionately. “After breakfast, I’ll pack a lunch for your ride back to Maine.”

Michael’s shoulders slumped. “Do you have to go?”

Cal put his arm around Michael, recalling the brother Michael had lost two summers ago to suicide. “Bungalow Seven is always here for George.”

“Good.” George grinned like a kid with a secret. “It looks like I’ll be staying for a while longer.”

“Yeah!” Michael gave George a hug. “Cal will make a special celebration dinner tonight.” He kissed Cal’s cheek. “My favorite is surf and turf.”

“How about I leave my turf and throw you in the surf at the main beach instead?” Cal kissed Michael’s neck and then turned to his younger brother. “What’s up, bro?”

George looked at them and giggled. “Clearly you two, just before I arrived.”

4 reviews for Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elaine White

    Book – Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out (Cozzi Cove #3)
    Author – Joe Costentino
    Star rating – ★★★★★
    No. of Pages – 130
    Cover – Gorgeous
    POV – 3rd person, multi-character POV
    Would I read it again – Yes!
    Genre – LGBT, Contemporary, Romance

    Reviewed for Divine Magazine


    Warnings: This story deals with some heavy issues: historical rape of two characters, historical homicide, ill health, loss of faith, and the difficult transition of a transgender MTF.


    The story begins with a quick summary of the history of Cozzi Cove and a lovely scene between Cal and Michael. It’s a great way to start the novel and the brilliance of Cosentino’s writing style means that anyone can pick up this book without having read the previous two in three series, without any difficulties.

    Our cast is diverse, as always, but a little more close to home than before. As promised in the previous book, we have Cal, Michael and George as the resident family. Dr Aaron Weiss is the cardiologist who arrives with Taylor, only for them both to end up shaking up the comfortable, happy atmosphere the Cozzi boys have found together. Blue Magnum is a blast from the past with a big secret to share. Connor finally gets his story when Professor Nastas Flowingstream takes up Bungalow Three and takes an interest in the psychology of Connor’s nymphomaniac lifestyle. We have sixty-year-old Pastor Bill Gayton, who is having a crisis of faith, until he meets the resident of Bungalow Six, Kamael. Kamael is the head of ‘the Angels’, a group of like minded gay men, who gather together to do good deeds for others. What was a really nice and unexpected surprise was that we also get the story of Carla, Tommy and Connor, which I’ve been looking forward to all this time.

    I’ve loved Connor since the start of this series. When he enters the story here, with one of his usual crazy stories of spontaneous sex with a stranger, it’s a hoot from the get go. But what I loved even more was his initial hesitance over Professor Nastas because he reminded him of the Professors who made him feel dumb before. Despite that, he was willing to listen to his theory about his study of nymphomania and Connor had the strength to agree to be his Subject Y, opening up about personal things, even when it was difficult. The huge maturity and revelations that he came upon in this story were beautiful to see.

    Cal and Michael, as ever, were my favourite. Though their story was smaller this time around, it still had the same impact. They were loving, hot and sweet together, but they still had their problems. Exploring those problems while they tried to help their friends and family meant that they came upon their own answers and revelations, more by accident than design. It was a very clever way of allowing them to work out their issues.

    Carla’s story was exactly as I’d imagined it would be, though Taylor certainly didn’t make it easy. Tommy, on the other hand, had perhaps the most profound storyline of them all. Reuniting with a lost love, going back to those feelings he’d had in high school and finding that they hadn’t changed, was a big step forward from his life-long crush on Cal. Blue’s story, on top of that, meant that the entire book was emotionally charged and full of shocking secrets.

    Because of that, I can’t tell you much more other than that I loved it. As expected. With love, romance and the big reveal of so many secrets, Stepping Out is perhaps the most important novel in the series so far. With so many of the recurring characters getting a huge chunk of the storytelling time, I couldn’t have asked for a better exploration of the Cozzi family and their chaotic summers at Cozzi Cove. Thanks to the perfect ending, I really hadn’t expected there to be more…but, YES! There is an excerpt at the end for the next book. And I couldn’t be more thrilled!


    Favourite Quote

    “Resting his pad on his knees, Nastas asked, “Connor, exactly how many men have you had sexual relations with?”
    Connor used the memory skills he’d learned in effective listening class and the additional techniques he’d absorbed in calculus. “Three hundred thirty-eight and a half.”
    “A half?”
    “We didn’t finish because he had to milk a cow.””

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    “But it’s not just about the Cozzi’s and the webs they weave, it’s also about the Guests that check-in and check-out. But they never check out of our hearts. We as readers, remember every one of them – they are the real beauty of Cozzi Cove together with this author’s amazing talent – he makes these OTT characters stay with us, his characterization is just phenomenal and therefore great fun to read, I never chuckle as much as I do as when I’m reading a Cosentino.” Three Books Over the Rainbow

    “With love, romance and the big reveal of so many secrets, COZZI COVE: STEPPING OUT is perhaps the most important novel in the series so far. With so many of the recurring characters getting a huge chunk of the storytelling time, I couldn’t have asked for a better exploration of the Cozzi family and their chaotic summers at Cozzi Cove. Thanks to the perfect ending, I really hadn’t expected there to be more…but, YES! There is an excerpt at the end for the next book. And I couldn’t be more thrilled!”
    “Spending a week in the sun with the permanent and transitory residents of Cozzi Cove makes for a superb, unputdownable, read. There are laugh out loud moments, lots of chuckles, some very heartwarming as well as heart wrenching moments, lots of gorgeous men and women, love, lust and even some tears. Joe Cosentino has a brilliantly unique sense of humour, and a masterful way of writing stories containing farce, larger than life men and women, and often over the top characters you’ll fall in love with. For all that his characters come across as completely relatable and realistic. His books are one of a kind and utterly addictive. I have yet to read a Joe Cosentino book that was less than 5 stars, and this book is no exception. Do yourself a favour and grab this book with both hands. I guarantee you’ll be very glad you did.” Divine Magazine

    “The surprise of the whole book though is Tommy finally finding who he has been looking for and the story behind the love found and lost and then found again definitely blew me away….a great read” Gay Book Reviews

    “Tons of action, drama, love, and secrets to keep readers hooked….beautifully written and highly engaging….Humor, mystery, and romance…Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out is indeed a must read for all. I highly recommend it.” Urban Book Reviews

    “I love this series and hope it continues, after all, every year comes with a summer and Cozzi Cove will always be open for business.” Books Laid Bare Boys

    “Loved, loved, loved it! The Cozzi Cove stories have a great mix of drama, angst, romance, and sex. There is something for everyone.” TTC Books and More
    “The stories of Cal and Michael, George and Aaron, and Taylor and Carla are brilliant and are cleverly described alongside those of the guests. I loved this book, and the wonderful feel good factor it evoked. For me, it’s the best of the series so far. The characters are, again, perfect for the stories that unwind slowly and are then wound up again into ideal conclusions. The ending ties up all the residents and guests’ stories but leaves enough open for more. Cozzi Cove, where dreams really do come true.” OptimuMM Book Reviews

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    “Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out is funny and clever but also very emotional as the characters deal with their respective issues. Cosentino has a great series here. It is well written, sexy and entertaining. Thanks for letting me visit for another week in Cozzi Cove. Jo & Isa Love Books

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    “Cosentino never fails me. Picking up this book, even though it’s been nearly a year since I’ve read them last, was like coming home for Christmas. Everything just clicked….This entire series is a big rollercoaster and Stepping Out in particular unveiled a lot of secrets. If you’re a fan of the series and liked the other two books, I would highly recommend this one. In my opinion, it’s probably the best of the series so far.” Jordan of Alpha Book Club

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