Your favorite stories from childhood have a new twist. Nine fairy tales of old with characters across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Morning Star by Sydney Blackburn - Five wishes; one desire. Fairest by K.S. Trenten - What will you change into? Gingerbread by Riza Curtis - A night out to die for. Sleeping Beauty by A. Fae - United by true love's kiss. Little Match Girl by Dianne Hartsock - Falling in love with the Little Match Girl was easy, but now Christian is determined to help Dani find his family, even if doing so means he might lose him forever. Hood’s Ride is Red by J.P. Jackson - A red car, a werewolf, and a trip to grandpa’s house – this ain’t your usual Little Red Riding Hood. The Gingerbread Woman by Donna Jay - When Candace sets out for a weekend of solitude she gets far more than she bargained on. White Roses by A.D. Song - A kiss to break the curse...or continue it. Once Upon a Mattress by Mickie B. Ashling - Will Errol spend a miserable night and prove his worthiness or will Sebastian have to keep on looking? Available in Print from most major retailers.
Once Upon a Rainbow, Volume One