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Writing to the music

Writing to the Music by John Tristan Like all of my stories, THE ASSISTANT has a secret octane booster in its engine: a soundtrack. When I get an idea for a story, sometimes - not always, but a good half of the time - it feels very [...]

Writing to the music2020-09-06T23:03:23-04:00

Throwback Thursday – Stalker/s

Get Stalker/s for $1.99 Now Through 2/2! Book Information Author: L.J. HasbrouckRelease Date: January 14, 2019Cover Artist: Natasha SnowCategory: Literary/Genre FictionGenre: Horror/ThrillerWord Count: 113600Book Length: Long NovelSex Content: Non-ExplicitPairing: MMOrientation: Gay, PansexualIdentity: CisgenderWarning: Depictions of horror and gore, deaths of secondary characters Description Brian Jameson doesn’t even get a chance to pick a college before a worldwide pandemic breaks out—and his home [...]

Throwback Thursday – Stalker/s2020-01-30T15:08:21-05:00

Throwback Thursday – Only You

Get Only You for $2.99 through the end of the month! Book Information Author: Kay Doherty Release Date: December 18, 2017 Cover Artist: Natasha Snow Category: Romance Genre: Contemporary Word Count: 51800 Pages: 141 Sex Content: Explicit Pairing: MM Orientation: Gay Identity: Cisgender Description Case Holden hates his life. Made rich at a young age, [...]

Throwback Thursday – Only You2020-01-23T13:24:57-05:00

Language in Writing

Language in Writing by Sasha Hope Sasha is one of our debut authors! Her new book The Empires of Luxor City comes out on February 3rd. Hey all! I’m Sasha Hope, an upcoming author with NineStar Press and an avid wordsmith. I studied linguistics at university [...]

Language in Writing2020-01-21T12:53:59-05:00

Throwback Thursday – Finding Aurora

Get Finding Aurora Now! Book Information Author: Rebecca Langham Release Date: December 24, 2018 ISBN: 978-1-949909-67-8 Format: ePub, Mobi Cover Artist: Natasha Snow Category: Romance Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Word Count: 20500 Book Length: Novelette Sex Content: N/A Pairing: FF Orientation: Asexual, Pansexual Identity: Cisgender Blurb Aurora Rose slumbers in the city of Oldpass, a cursed kingdom once allied [...]

Throwback Thursday – Finding Aurora2020-01-02T11:43:35-05:00

Welcome to 2020!

When I took over NSP in June of 2016, it wasn’t about fame and fortune. Yes, those things would be amazing, but to me, it was about making sure books with much-needed representation got out into the world. I wanted to honor the kid I once was, to [...]

Welcome to 2020!2020-01-01T02:42:32-05:00

Behind NineStar Press: The owner and their story

This is me So this story starts with a little girl who had a dream. She wanted to live in all of the worlds she read about, because reality was a very scary thing. The monsters in the real world were so much scarier than any she read about, and they [...]

Behind NineStar Press: The owner and their story2020-01-01T03:05:24-05:00

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