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Thursday Thoughts: Better Tomorrow by M.D. Neu

Better Tomorrow by M.D. Neu Here’s the thing.  I want to envision a better tomorrow.  I want a future where we all get along and everyone respects each other. A future where everyone contributes to our better world. A time when everyone who needs help. Gets help. [...]

Thursday Thoughts: Better Tomorrow by M.D. Neu2018-03-01T11:02:55-04:00

Saturday Stories: The Spot by Valentine Wheeler

The Spot by Valentine Wheeler There was a truck in her spot. It was big and it was brown, and it was parked right in front of 32 Standish Road in the shade of the only good-sized tree in the neighborhood. Miriam stared at it, but the [...]

Saturday Stories: The Spot by Valentine Wheeler2018-01-22T09:02:54-04:00

Tuesday Tales with M.D. Neu

Why I Write and How the Stories Come to Me by M.D. Neu   Why do I write? How do the stories come to me? It’s kind of funny, to think about these two questions.  Why do I find it funny you may wonder? Because I get [...]

Tuesday Tales with M.D. Neu2017-11-14T12:35:23-04:00

Humpday Humor with Sera Trevor

You Can Read Your Reviews by Sera Trevor Authors—especially new ones—are often advised to avoid reading their reviews. Negative reviews will be too disheartening, they say. Besides, reviews are for readers, not authors! Best to leave them alone and focus on writing. But I’ve discovered that, actually, [...]

Humpday Humor with Sera Trevor2017-11-08T13:12:52-04:00

Tuesday Tales with Jenn P

7 Things I Learned About Writing… From the Gymby Jenn Polish Writing and gymming. Gymming and writing. I don’t know how to separate them.For me, writing is just as an embodied experience as lifting; for me, lifting is just as mentally taxing (and energizing) as writing.Right now, I’m starting [...]

Tuesday Tales with Jenn P2017-11-07T09:32:04-04:00

Tuesday Tales with Antonia Aquilante

 Baking for Stress Relief (and procrastination) by Antonia Aquilante  Baking has been one of my favorite hobbies for as long as I can remember, though it was only when I was in law school and later when I was practicing law that it also began to be a favorite [...]

Tuesday Tales with Antonia Aquilante2017-10-31T10:08:33-04:00

Saturday Stories with CL Mustafic

It's in the Bag - A Loving Sarajevo Halloween Short by CL Mustafic   The fallen leaves crunched under their shoes and there was a definite hint of the long winter to come in the air. Nikola walked slowly down the street next to Gage, shivering as [...]

Saturday Stories with CL Mustafic2017-10-28T10:57:26-04:00

Tuesday Tales with A.E. Ross

Press Play, Write, Repeat by A. E. Ross   I have always needed music to write. I came to prose from screenwriting, which is a very different creature. Despite having about 50% of the text per page (or less!), scripts aren’t necessarily slimmer, or shorter, or less [...]

Tuesday Tales with A.E. Ross2017-10-24T18:49:18-04:00

Thursday Thoughts with J.C. Long

 Being a Good Houseguest by J.C. Long  There’s an issue I think should be addressed in the LGBTQIA+ community today, one that’s been sort of simmering below the surface for a while now. Well, it’s become an issue I really need to get off my chest, and I figured [...]

Thursday Thoughts with J.C. Long2017-10-05T14:54:17-04:00

How to Celebrate Halloween like a Grown-up By Sara Dobie Bauer

How to Celebrate Halloween like a Grown-up By Sara Dobie Bauer   As an author of paranormal romance, I’m a big fan of ghosts and goblins. When I’m having a bad day, in fact, I watch slasher flicks, because no matter how bad my life is, at [...]

How to Celebrate Halloween like a Grown-up By Sara Dobie Bauer2017-10-04T14:01:27-04:00