S.M. Sawyer


S.M. Sawyer S. M. Sawyer is a retired military officer. He has also served as a defense contractor and as president for a nationally accredited charity whose mission is to recognize exceptional maritime rescues and assist voluntary search and rescue organizations worldwide. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Natalie. They [...]

S.M. Sawyer2017-03-15T14:41:18-04:00

Conjoined at the Soul


A SunFire Imprint Book Randy Clark has just looked in the mirror and figured out he’s gay. So now, all he needs is a boyfriend, and finding one should be easy enough, right? The trouble is Randy has a knack for being attracted to the wrong kind of guy, like the one who hasn’t spoken [...]

Conjoined at the Soul2020-08-05T02:06:29-04:00

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